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We Endorse the Following Candidates for the Galveston 2020 Municipal Election!

For Mayor

Craig Brown – Positive Leadership is vital for any community to grow but in these unprecedented times it is more important than ever. As Galveston deals with the effects of CoVid-19 the qualities of professionalism, transparency and inclusiveness are more important than ever. I realize that the decisions of our City have a direct bearing on the safety, welfare and economic viability of our citizens and I don’t take that lightly. As your Mayor you will experience my total commitment in representing you and what is best for all, just as I have done for six years as your City Council representative for District 2. Now is the time for Dedicated, Experienced, Leadership to continue to move this City forward. Thank you for allowing me to serve in the past and I am looking forward to our bright future, as your Mayor.

For District 1 City Council

E.R. Johnson

Reverend E.R. Johnson is a well known and very respected member of the Galveston community with a long history of public service & strong ties to the business community and to constituents of District 1.

For District 2 City Council

William Schuster

The main focus of my campaign is to put our neighborhoods first and to provide leadership that ensures that our quality of living is number one for each of our residents.

For District 3 City Council

David Collins

In 2018, the people chose me to be that voice, and I’ve worked hard every day to deserve that trust. I go to every community meeting I can find, I talk to HOAs and resident groups every week, determined to understand what Galvestonians want in their city.

For District 4 City Coucil

Jason Hardcastle

Good afternoon, all! It has been an honor to represent, and work with my neighbors, in Galveston City Council District 4. I have sincerely enjoyed working with the my colleagues on City Council, as well as our city staff. I am officially submitting my application for reelection, and hope to positively contribute to our city’s future.

For District 5 City Council

J.P. Listowski

“It has been an honor to serve the city of Galveston for the past two years and I am committed to making Galveston a better place for residents, visitors, and businesses. District Five has unique needs and I hope to continue working to make it, and the entire island, a better place.”

 For District 6 City Council

Jackie Cole 

Re-elect Jackie Cole for City of Galveston District 6. I will listen to you and take your voice to City Council.

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